Two-Part Birdhome
Cork, Brass Eyelet
March 2021
Product Design
Alex Cashmore
(Industrial Design)
Attractive and easily maintained, for humans and birds alike: the Two-Part Birdhome is a catalyst for long-lasting bird—human friendships. The Two-Part Birdhome provides a safe and comfortable dwelling for its residents, as well as an attractive and environmentally-friendly addition to the landscape for the bird-watcher. As the name suggest, the home has only two parts, both made with high density cork. This makes the home sustainable, weather-proof, and non-toxic. The two parts slot together with friction-fit tabs, making it easy to assemble and dissemble for cleaning. The home can be mounted to a tree or post using a nail, cable tie, or string through the reinforced mounting hole. The Two-Part Birdhome was shortlisted for the Legendary Bird Home competition in 2020.