Microhabitat Sculpture Workshop Series
May 2022
Surrey Hills Arts
The Microhabitat Sculpture Workshop Series explores the concept of object-making to connect people and wild animal life. Participants are presented with materials and information about wild animals in their local area, they are then tasked with creating objects that could be interacted with by these animals. This could be anything from a home, a bath, a place to eat, etc. Prompts include: why this animal? how will the animal use it? how does the object function in the animals life? Participants are then able to take their object away with them to be installed in their local green space (garden, park, etc). The workshop aims to encourage playfulness, curiously and empathetic-thinking, with an emphasis on the idea that no object or creation process is ‘wrong’. In this workshop, the process is as important as the outcome. It has so far been taught at the Hive Guildford, Kings College Guildford, Surrey Hills Wood Fair.

For more information about collaborating please email info@amyhaigh.com