Microhabitat Sculpture Workshop Series
May 2022
Surrey Hills Arts
The Microhabitat Sculpture Workshop Series was designed to engage participants in the lives of local wildlife. The workshop has currently been taught by Amy to a range of different audiences, including year 7’s at Kings College Guildford and young people with learning disabilities through the Halow project and the Hive community centre. The workshop leads participants through a quick research stage (with information sheets) and then asks them to think about how the provided material (raw wood and bamboo of varying sizes) could be shaped to accommodate the species mentioned, resulting in mini sculptures aiming to support wildlife. They are asked to think about species that they would normally class as pests and how they function as part of the foodchain. The pieces are then taken home by participants to put in a green space near them. They function as research objects as they can be observed and altered depending on how they are used by local wildlife.