Intermediate Object 02
Processed Versatile Plastic
July 2019
Installation, Art object
Intermediate Object 02 begins with the ontological concept of a spoon. With mentorship from designer and silversmith Andreas Fabian, the concept unpicks the potential physical properties and affordances of an object with this title.The piece takes the form of video documentary following the design process of the object as its shape, colour, and texture is tested and altered for both human and nonhuman users. The process employs a re-written version of the human-centred design process and takes inspiration from scientific method†. The final spoon is a compromised and seemingly nonsensical inter-species object that embodies the similarities and differences in bodies and minds between species. Intermediate Object 02 has been exhibited alongside the other pieces in the series, at the Royal College of Art and Birmingham Open Media in 2019. The series has been discussed in greater length in a conversation with Ned Dodington of the Expanded Environment.

† In this case, the spoons were tested on any willing participant, both human and bird. The bird species most willing to participate was Parus major.