Intermediate Artefact 03
July 2019
Installation, Object design

Intermediate Artefact 03 is a sound experiment based on the capability for audio to cause a fight-or-flight response. In the form of an object, this phenomena can be described as an ‘alarm’, used by many species to signal danger. It has been proven that certain bird species’ alarm calls are understood and heeded by other animals[1] already. The piece compares and contrasts alarm sounds made by song birds (Parus major) with warning sounds in human society, ultimately producing an ‘alarm’ understood as such by both humans and birds alike. The Intermediate Artefact takes the form of an alarm device with the capability to emit an alarm sound. As with all other projects in this series, a video documentary accompanies the artefact to tell the story of its design. Intermediate Artefact 03 has been exhibited alongside the other pieces in the series, at the Royal College of Art and Birmingham Open Media in 2019.